Andrew Rowley

Implementation Coach

Andrew is the Cohort Manager for the Barnsley Net Zero Accelerator Programme. As part of his role he is usually the first person to have contact with any business looking to access the programme and begin it’s journey to reducing its carbon footprint.

Andrew has a background in finance, executive recruitment and for a number of years has worked in the business support environment. As such Andrew has a good understanding of how businesses operate and the varied challengers they face in their day to day operations. Andrew is a very approachable person who focusses his support on creating a relationship with the business contact and spending time to really understand the business and the areas it needs support with.

For the programme, Andrew is the constant that the business can always contact. He undertakes the initial diagnostic interview to understand where the business currently is on it’s carbon reduction journey and what areas of specific support it requires to progress further. Andrew then coordinates with the various specialist to help allocate the right person who can help the business. As part of his role, Andrew makes sure that all businesses on the programme are aware of events, workshops and other support activities that are available. If anyone has an issue with anything, Andrew is the one to contact to find a resolution.